Split Rail Fences

Split rail fences add rustic charm, define boundaries, and are cost-effective.

At Elevate Fencing, LLC, we recently had the privilege of enhancing a client’s property in Colorado Springs with the installation of a split-rail fence. The client wanted a fence that would improve their home’s curb appeal while preserving their stunning view of the surrounding landscape. They were drawn to the rustic charm of split-rail fences and felt it would perfectly complement their home’s exterior.

Our team worked closely with the client to design a split-rail fence that would meet their aesthetic and functional needs. We used high-quality timber to create a durable and attractive fence that would withstand Colorado Springs’ varying weather conditions. The split-rail design provided the rustic charm the client desired while its open structure ensured their view remained unobstructed.

The installation of the split-rail fence significantly improved the home’s curb appeal, adding a touch of rustic elegance that perfectly complemented the property’s natural surroundings. The client was thrilled with the outcome, expressing their appreciation for the balance of beauty and functionality the fence provided. They were particularly pleased with how the fence enhanced their property without compromising their view. At Elevate Fencing, LLC, we take pride in delivering fencing solutions that cater to our clients’ unique needs and preferences, and this project was a wonderful testament to that commitment.